Foxy Nerds - a global B2B social scalers marketplace designed to facilitate the growth of your brand

Company description

Foxy Nerds is a worldwide Social Influence marketplace powered by Artificial Intelligence. The company is a human journey started in 2017 by 2 brothers Nicolas and Frederic Bruneau. We’re headquartered in Lille, more precisely in Euratechnologies, and our team is growing up quickly. Our goal is to use data to see ‘invisible’ in the scope of customer relationships and to help ambitious B2B companies scale their business through influencer marketing.

Product description

Foxy Nerds offers the unique combination of influence marketing tools to scale your business. Our platform allows B2B companies to automate influencer marketing campaigns and to execute them efficiently. Through free online tools it is possible to evaluate brand authority and to define the right campaign type to start with. The large network of social scalers gives an opportunity to optimize influencer mix and to conduct value-centric matching. As a result, companies work with influencers that share the same values.

What does Foxy Nerds stand for?

Many people are wondering where does Foxy Nerds come from and here is what Frederic Bruneau, CEO and Founder of Foxy Nerds, says about it:

One rainy day I was sitting in Starbucks thinking of the name of the company me and Nicolas are launching. I wanted the name to have two words starting with “F” and “N” to reflect our names. Additionally, I wanted the name to reflect the corporate philosophy. Our primary goal is to use and manage data efficiently to create value for the customer. In other words, we want to find a smart or foxy way to use data in the way that helps companies to scale. And this is how the name Foxy Nerds came to my mind…“"

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Latest news about Foxy Nerds

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