At Foxy Nerds, we created this new series of interviews "Inspirational Talk" where we give you the floor, in order to hear your advices and bring it to light.

This is why we start this new serie with RAISE, we asked them what is a good brief for an effective campaign to reach as many people as possible.

Discover their career path and their advice on how to carry out a successful marketing influence campaign.

Who are you?

We are RAISE, a strategic marketing and communication agency with a human scale. It was during our last year of study in the Strategic Marketing & Communication MBA at EFAP Paris that our paths crossed. Passionate about marketing and strategy, an obvious connection was naturally created between our strategic and creative visions.
Always in search of meaning, we wanted to support projects and people with whom we share the same values and ambitions. While helping them to evolve, surprise and differentiate themselves in an ultra-competitive environment where it is now difficult to impose oneself.
Today, we help start-ups and companies to launch, relaunch themselves, or to respond to numerous issues such as notoriety, change, economic growth... And this, thanks to a support that starts with their problems and ends with the operational implementation of communication actions.
We adapt and develop 360 communication plans in line with the established marketing strategy. The aim is to optimally tune their DNA to the messages and communication levers that will in turn impact their targets and aspirations…
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What are your attitudes to B2B influence marketing?

We know that today influence marketing is an essential leverage in the economic development of a company and all the more so when it comes to a BtoB strategy.
Influence marketing is a way for companies to reach new customers in a much more impactful, subtle and less aggressive way since the information will be read by our target and "pushed" by a qualified expert who carries with him a committed community with the same values and ambitions as the latter.
A professional target will be much more sensitive and impacted by the speech of a referent, an expert in his or her sector of activity, than by a classic prospecting technique, such as phoning or mailing. These methods are also time-consuming and not sufficiently cost-effective for companies.

How important is brief for a successful influencer campaign?

As in any marketing strategy, the influencer brief is the most important step in a successful campaign.
Indeed, to reach consumers, it is essential to convey to the influencer not only the message and content he or she needs to communicate, but also the values, objectives and long-term ambitions of the brand. It is not a simple transmission but a real "sharing" of values, a relationship of "trust" where the influencer must be part of the history of the brand and personally involved.
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What information should be included in the brief?

The meaning, the ethics, and the understanding of the "why" (we work and why we communicate) remain, in our view, the key to a successful campaign.

What is your advice for brief preparation?

The preparation of the brief is a shortcut to the digital strategy that we carry out upstream. A brief must be precise, short and measured. We must find the 5W rule: "Who, What, When, Where, Why and When" so that an influencer is able to understand and easily produce qualified content.

What are your last advices to have a successful campaign?

A successful campaign requires each stakeholder to ask the question : Why?
"Why as an influencer would I work with this brand and not with another? Why am I going to communicate about this product or service? Why will I share this information? Does it match my personality and values?”
On the consumer side, the challenge is the same. "Why am I going to consume this product or service? Why am I going to follow this personality and view this type of content? Why choose this brand and not another? Am I going to have a real shopping experience? Does it correspond to my values and expectations?"
Indeed, today's and tomorrow's consumers are looking for authenticity, truth, meaning and experience. A successful influence campaign will therefore result from a perfect harmony between the values of the brand, those of the influencer, and of course those of the end consumers who now want to be part of the history of the brands!

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