B2B influencer marketing definitely has a great potential to enhance your digital marketing strategy in addition to the digital marketing tools you are already using. However, a lot of B2B marketers do not know how to integrate it into their marketing strategy. In this article we would like you to learn more about the benefits B2B influencers can offer your brand as well as to discuss what makes it so different from other tools. Let’s get started!


Social influencers, no matter B2C or B2B, are the people who have an engaged audience in Social networks, blogs or other channels. However, there are some significant differences between B2B and B2C influencers that brands must understand.

Firstly, B2C influencers often work on the short-term basis while in B2B focus is done on long-term relationships, which allows to build higher engagement with your brand. As a result, your ambassadors are the people who will continuously showcase your solution and communicate your brand values.

Additionally, to build an engaged community on Social Media, B2B influencers must be considered as experts in their industry. It means that the audience trusts them and is willing to listen to what they are saying.

Finally, while B2C influencers are normally present on one or two Social channels, the audience of B2B influencers can be diversified across various platforms. It means that during collaboration with one B2B influencer, you might be able to reach the target audience in a range of places.


Apart from the mentioned above, B2B influencers can offer you even more. First of all, they give you a unique point of view about your brand that can help to gain new insights and determine how people respond to your product.

Secondly, they strengthen your expertise in the market by sharing your content with their audience and proving that you are worth being trusted. This is done by the influencer’s ability to understand the pain points of their audience and communicating your solution in the right way.  It is especially important for brand-centric companies.

Additionally, B2B influencers may help you expand your business network and establish valuable contacts. Influencer campaigns allow you to reach a wide range of people who may include not only potential customers but also partners, investors and other stakeholders. Isn’t it a great opportunity for your brand?


Now after understanding who B2B influencers are and what benefits they can bring, it is important to emphasize the difference of B2B influencer marketing from other, more traditional, digital marketing tools. We are sure you already have something in mind but let’s have a look together:

  • Authentic content

Traditional ads are created directly by the company, which often leads to the fact that sometimes there is no human touch. With influencer marketing the content is authentic and is not generated directly by the brand.

As it was already mentioned, B2B influencers are experts who have the authority to speak about certain topics and who are not interested in discussing the product that is not interesting for their community. Being passionate about your solution and understanding the pain points of their audience, gives the chance to make content that will be valuable for both the audience and your brand.

  • Breaking the glass ceiling of social selling

As a customer, we like or at least we don’t mind being contacted by a brand we already know. Should this brand be unknown, it can become particularly annoying to receive direct promotions and messages. Not only, that brand fails to convert you but also has a chance to tarnish its image.

Using social influence is an efficient way to increase your digital brand authority. Advocates will make their audience aware of your brand, giving them a positive illustration of the services you offer. This will lead to an organic increase of conversion rate during your upcoming social selling campaigns.

  • Quick feedback

As for a young brand developing a new business solution or as for a big corporation planning to expand, it is important to understand attitudes towards your product. Influencer marketing allows you to get quick feedback and analyze audience attitudes through their responses to Social Media content published by influencers. This step can be especially crucial for companies working on advocacy campaigns and enhancing brand authority.


Summing up everything mentioned above, it can be concluded that B2B influencer marketing is the way to boost your digital brand authority. It happens due to the fact that well-recognized experts are constantly generating content about you on high-quality websites based on their understanding of relevant marketing for your target customer. As a result, B2B influencer marketing gives you instant credibility and leads to higher-quality demand generation.

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